Whale Watching

“There She Blows!”

is a common call aboard the Charter Dreams fleet. Keep on the lookout to catch a glimpse of a Humpback Whale’s waterspout as they emerge from the depths to catch a breath of fresh air. It is common for us to spot several pods in a day during the winter season. We can follow close by to observe these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat. With your camera close at hand, we watch as they lazily roll in the surf flipping their whale’s tales high. You often see them breaches as they leap 30 – 40 feet into the air and crash back to the water; experts say that the breach may be for courtship, a challenge or a display of affection. Or you may get lucky and catch them in their mating dance which includes slapping their fins or tails loudly against the waves.

Each year 200 to 300 Humpback whales migrate to Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta to cave and mate. They come all the way from Alaska and Washington where they spend their summers feeding. Then, they make the 3 month journey to the warm Mexican waters for the winter. During their winter stay, they do not eat at all.

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