Bay Cruises

Bay Cruises aboard Charter Dreams power or sailing yachts are the picture of the perfect day at sea. You and your family and friends can cruise the mountainous coastline of the bay to secluded coves and pristine beaches by day.


We can tour to one of the many beautiful beaches only reachable by boat in the Bay. Many beaches have beachside restaurants where you can enjoy a savory lunch or a piece of their famous pies with the sand between your toes! A short horseback ride from the beach you can explore one of the spectacular waterfalls that cascade into freshwater pools in the jungle. Plus you can stroll through these quaint fishing villages to get a taste for how the local live.

Every year over 300 Humpback Whales migrate to Banderas Bay to mate and calve. There is nothing more spectacular that watching the grace and power of these magnificent ammals play in the ocean right beside your boat! The whales typically arrive in mid- November and leave in late April! We even occasionally spot a Killer “Orca” Whale, too!

Several species of dolphins can be found frolicking in the bay all year round! The Spinner Dolphin put on a especially spectacular show (as their name implies)! Giant Manta Rays with 15 – 20 foot wing spans are abundant in Banderas Bay. It’s quite exciting to see a Manta take a 15 foot flip into the air! Banderas Bay is also one of the favorite nesting places for the protected Sea Turtles. You can see them floating along in the water or laying their eggs on shore.

Snorkeling is great all year round in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy Los Arcos (THE ARCHES) where you findfish in every color and shape imaginable can be ound here in the crystal clear waters.

Our Sunset Cruises are especially nice! Start out a romantic evening or top off a perfect day in paradise watching the sun set over the ocean and the stars light the sky!


Day cruises can be arranged from 4 – 8 hours departing at 10 a.m.
Evening cruises from 2 – 4 hours departing at 5 p.m.
Fishing charters are from 6- 8 hours departing at 7 – 8 a.m.

Advance reservations are a must with the bay cruises!
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