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Sailing Charters - Puerto Vallarta


“It's not far down to paradise
At least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away
And find tranquility
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me…”

From song entitled “Sailing” by Christopher Cross

Lay back, bask in the warmth of the sun, listen to the sounds of the wind in the sail and the spray of the sailboat cutting through the surf…there is NOTHING more relaxing than a Sailing Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with CharterDreams charter services - sailing, sportfishing, beach combing, snorkeling and moreday of sailing. Enjoy sailing SEA BREEZES around the Bay with our experienced crew. Banderas Bay provides conditions that perfect for the sailing enthusiasts with nice, steady breezes each and every day. You can sit back on relax or even try your hand at the wheel as captain. It’s your day, so enjoy!

We customize your cruise depending on what your group wants to do. We can cruise the Vallarta coastline, sail to a secluded beach or just look for the best wind. Many of our sailors like to combine a cruise in front of the city with a snorkeling stop at Los Arcos and a stop at one of the beaches for a late lunch.

Others prefer to sail to one of the beach villages only reachable by boat: Las Animas, Quimixto or Yelapa. Here you can take a short horseback ride up through the jungle villages to a mountain waterfall. Or you can simply enjoy sipping a “cool one” while lounging on the beach or sculpting sandcastles in the sand. You may even do a little souvenir shopping bargaining with beach vendors who stroll down the beach showing their crafts.

From mid Nov. through mid April, humpback whales can be seen all around the bay. There are no words to describe the excitement of seeing one of these magnificent creatures up close and personal! Mother Whales often have their babies tagging close behind. It often seems like they are putting on a show for just YOU!

Stealth-like manta rays cruise all around the bay. These rays have a 10 – 20 foot wingspan and are black on top and white on their under-belly. It is magnificent to see the mantas take flight as they jump 10 – 15 feet into the air! The babies will do 2 or 3 flips as they play leapfrog in the air!

Several colonies of Spinner Dolphins can be sighted all around the bay. Sometimes you can see hundreds at a time, jumping and spinning as they frolic in the surf. They are so friendly they will often ride the bow of the boat for miles just to check YOU out!

Sunset cruises are a special favorite at Charter Dreams. Take a leisurely cruise in front of the city, then sit back and toast the sun as in slowly melts into the ocean. The brilliant reds, yellows and oranges of the sun dissolve into the blues, greens and purples of the sea and sky to create an incredible picture that defies adequate description. Then, as you cruise back to port, watch the stars begin to twinkle in the moonlight. It provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful or romantic evening in paradise.


Advance reservations are a must for sailing charters!
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