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Snorkeling and Diving

Explore the hidden treasures of the sea while snorkeling or diving in the refreshing waters around Puerto Vallarta. Let one of our Charter Dreams boats take you to secluded coves to view the abundant colorful sea life that lives just below the surface of the crystal waters of Banderas Bay. Warm, waters make snorkeling good all year round. Puerto Vallarta features two underwater Marine Parks where fish are protected and prosper: Los Arcos and Las Marietas.

Los Arcos is one of the most favorite photo spots on the Banderas Bay. Los Arcos, translated means “The Arches.” The three rocks that form these islands have a natural tunnel through their centers that has been etched by the tides to form perfect arches over the ocean. These rocks emerge from the ocean’s surface just off the small cove of Mismaloya. Los Arcos create the perfect protection for the thousands of tropical fish and coral reefs that thrive in the warm Pacific waters. Snorkelers, and even spectators from the boats enjoy the company of angelfish, parrotfish, blowfish, moral eels, snapper and more. Los Arcos makes for a unique experience because it goes from a depth of 20 ft. on one side of the rocks to over 2000ft. on the other side of the rocks. For those who prefer the stay dry, you can toss a few cracker crumbs into the water and watch the dazzling display of fish scurry to be the first in line for the food!

The Tres Marietas Islands mark the entrance between Banderas Bay and the Pacific Ocean. These are a part of an underwater mountain range which peaks above the ocean’s surface about 20 miles of the coast of Puerto Vallarta. These islands were extensively documented by Jacque Cousteau when he was studying the humpback whales that migrate into the Banderas Bay each winter. These islands provide a perfect sanctuary for the whales and sea turtles that come here to mate and have their babies. In the protected coves of the islands, you can dive into the shallows to snorkel with the masses of tropical fish and coral reefs. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch a ride on one of the friendly, giant manta rays that frequent the area!


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